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Rank System

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Rank System

The objective of this system is to climb several ranks through daily consistency, to achieve this you will have to work on daily quests based on the rank you’re in, the higher the rank, the better the benefits, but the difficulty will also go higher.

The rank system is divided into seven ranks: F/E/D/C/B/A/S. F being the lowest and initial rank, and S being the highest and last rank.


Daily Rank Quests


How do you acquire the Rank F title?

Pick up the Rank F Promotion quest, at the Rank Altar NPC (526 666). To complete this quest you will be asked to eliminate Rank 0 Boss, it will appear right after the quest is taken. Once its dead, hand in the quest at Rank Altar NPC. Reward is Rank F title.

Which requirements are needed for the Rank F Promotion quest?

The requirements are:

  • Reach Lv100
  • Make sure to have 10 Mirage Celestone in your inventory

Which requirements are needed to take Rank F daily quests?

You will need:

  • 1 Daily Rank Pass, 10 will be available to be acquired every day at the reward chest on the top of the screen.
  • Rank F title

Where to acquire the Rank daily quests?

At your respective Rank Officer NPC (523 664). You can complete a total of 10 quests every day.

Rank F daily quest:

Once you obtain the Rank F title, you can talk with Rank F Officer NPC (526 665) who will give you 10 daily quest options, each time you pick a daily quest a Daily Rank Pass will be consumed from your inventory. From each daily quest you complete you will get:

  • 1 Rank F Token 
  • 1 Rank F Medal 

On every daily rank quest, no matter of the rank, you will receive a token and a medal.

What are the Rank Tokens for?

With this item you will be able to exchange for a variety of items at the respective Rank NPC (523 664).

What are the Rank Medals for?

These medals will be required for the Rank Promotion quests, F>E>D>C>B>A>S.

How many medals are needed to be promoted?

  • Rank E: 200 Rank F Medal
  • Rank D: 200 Rank E Medal
  • Rank C: 250 Rank D Medal
  • Rank B: 300 Rank C Medal
  • Rank A: 300 Rank B Medal
  • Rank S: 300 Rank A Medal
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