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Hello everyone! Welcome to Godspw! The purpose of this guide is  help so that you can start playing the game pleasantly.

1.The first step is  redeem your tt 99 set:  Archosaur west npc Beginners gear  with your items Gear tokens you can exchange for the 3 packs

Pack set Heavy=(WR,WB,SK) pack set Arcane=(MS,WF,MG,SB,EP) pack set light=(Sin,DB,EA)  after you have your set you will complete your cultivation you start at cultivation 81.

you will also be reawakening your character  here you have 2 Awakenings the first awakening is easy. for the second awakening, You should upload your vitae and be Arcane sky Vl you will upload vitae with primal quests or with vitae pills you can use an item called Legacy pack to raise your vitae faster you will buy it in the NPC GodCoins  once you have your Arcane sky Vl you will go to primal, Kirin town in the npc Sacred Cauldron option (Arcane/ primal Skill craft) tab BASIC you buy Stone of love - Recreation for your second Awakening  you will earn Primordial Bloods with primal quests, and  the Advanced Arcane Sky Page you make it with (Old Book Pages) that you will earn Old Book Pages in your primal quests or you can buy Old Book Pages from the Rank F npc. After you have the stone you will go to North Archosaur Location 564,675 npc Master of cycles  and you will use the stone.

2. GEMS AND REFINES:  Archosaur West you will see an npc called GodsCoin  look at everything he sells Coins, gems, vitae pills, Astrobana pearls  to get GodCoins you must go to Nightscream, Island I recommend that you use buffs inside you will find mobs that drop the coins the mobs will do a lot of damage so take them out 1 by 1 you can use auto  cultivation for your character can farm alone (Ctrl+F12) the Coins you collect are exchanged at the npc GodCoins.

 REFINES:  you will get the refining orbs in 

  • Invasion event day Wednesday
  • Boutique
  • Morai bosses Npc Godcoins quest Lotus Offering  when you take the quest additional quests are unlocked
  • World bosses
  • NPC'S OF RANKS when you rank up you unlock higher lvl orbs

you can combine the orbs and gems in the npc Jewelcraftsman Yi to have gems or orbs of higher lvl

Expand inventory:  go to npc Merchant Wang Yang in Archosaur West Goods option Tab Misc buy 3  Super inventory Stone and 3 Super Safe Stone then go to the npc called Inventory Master to be near the Banker and use the items.

Calendar Awards:  on the mini map you will see a calendar icon click on it then click on Check in later Check Record and press okay on the item you have available to claim the calendar gives you a prize for each day of activity.

3. IMPROVE SET 99:  for upgrade set 99 you must have uncanny crystals and rapture crystals go to Nirvana Palace Entrance 675,169  you will see the npc to improve your set  you can get the items in the Nation War event or in the Nirvana Palace you will need to have Tailor lvl 8 and Blacksmith lvl 8  you can buy the item that improves those skills in the Boutique, SHOP→ STAR→STAR 5, buy tailor Training l and Blaksmith Training l, to use these items you click on them and increase the skills of any elder on the map.

DAILY QUESTS AND BHS: NPC Daily quests  Archosaur West  these quests are easy to do they are 4 quests per day  give you reward 10 Mirage Celestones, 5 Tisha Stones, 5 mysterious Armor Charm, 5 Focused Resistance Charm 25 hp pots and 25 mp pots.

BHS: NPC HEAD HUNTER: you can find this npc in all main cities  your rewards are item for gear g17 and meridian along with coins

4. RANK QUESTS: so you can access rank F you must take the quest from the npc Altar Rank, you can find the npc in Archosaur west when you take the quest you will have to use the kiss action then a mini boss will appear kill him and report quest to npc   when you do it will unlock the rank F it is the rank for beginners you can start there.


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